Curriculum Vitae

Welcome to my personal business story. tl;dr

It´s me, Tim Schiemann. Born in Cottbus on the 29th of April 1985. Had a tough first year but survied a bad disease. Anyway, here i am. I have a loveley wife and a little daughter.

In 1992 i started to visit the primary school in Calau and after 6 years i stopped before the crosswalk and visited the Robert-Schlesier comprehensive / high school in Calau. I gradueted in 2002 with a titled called “ Fachoberschulreife mit Berechtigung zum Besuch der gymnasialen Oberstufe“. Thats germany 🙂

The guy at the employment office said, i could do a training as a trainer driver. You can imagine my face. So, i decid to add two extra years of education and successfully got the subject-related entrance qualification (Fachhochschulreife) in 2004 with a grade point average of 2.1

08/2004 – 08/2007

And now? I love to make my computer broke and to repaire it again. I learnd a lot about Windows and drivers, but that was not an option in Calau. I wrote a lot of applications and ended up in the BBW. After three years i had my graduation ( Fachinformatiker Systemintegration). During the training I had to do a one and a half year internship. I did this by DaPhi GmbH and that was my first Job as a System Adminstrator

08/2007 – 07/2010

DaPhi GmbH was a little system house who had only 5 Employess. And i was one of them. We sold the DaPhix Terminals (Guest internet Terminals) in Hostels and Hotels. We got bigger and started to plan and build the IT infrastructure of the adminstration offices and new hotel building, including Windows Clients (2000,XP) and Servers (2000,2003, Terminal-, Exchange-, AD server), network and cabling, reception computer and of course the DaPhiX Wifi and guest internet Terminals. A new hotel, no problem, we will organize the IT stuff for you. From ordering to delivery, we took over the job. If the clients had problems, we were reachable via ticket system or phone (24/7). One time i was in viena and ended up with no cabling plan and 6 different collors of network cable. What a fun, but i built the entire IT infrastructure at this building, including Reception PCs, internet, phone system (Asterisk PBX) and the network cabling in five days. Five long days.

08/2010 – 08/2013

After three exciting years, the gaming industrie called, and i answered. I worked for Frogster (later Gameforge) as a Windows Gamerserver Administrator. We planned and built the infrastructure of the Windows Gameserver (2003 / 2008) and made them running 24/7. Including Maintenance Windows to patch the game and the server, and communicat and coordinate with our datacenter. We had players all arround the world, but that was none of my business. All games had a Microsoft SQL Database (2005/2008) and we had to investigate and solve some serious performance problems and cheating in the game. We developed some sql triggers to get more logging. I loved the friday afternoos, were one C-Level person entered the room and said, we start the marketing campaign in two hours. Make the servers resists. Without virtualisation, of course. We did the trick and the game (Aion) ran smooth. I was always approachable for my colleagues and we had a great time. After Gameforge took over frogster, they decided to shut down the office in berlin and i found the way to SysEleven.

08/2013 – now

I found Marc, the CEO of SysEleven in Xing. We had a brief conversation and he said, that i would perfectly fit in the role as Systemadministrator Windows/Linux. So i applied and I am still here. The first weeks were a cultural shock. My entire work life i was eraly in the office and left late. The working days were not infrequently 12 hours plus. And now, 12 PM Lunch, 6 PM and of working day. I was responsible to build and maintain the Windows Server of the Post Bus Project, including the communication and arrangements with the partners. The Windows Server rans on KVM and i learned a lot of how virtualisation works. But that was the only Windows Project at the moment and my working day was not totally filled with that. I started to shadow my linux (gentoo) colleagues, picked some littel task out of our helpdesk and start solving that for our customer. After a few weeks i got my first little LAMP project. The projects got bigger and i learned new thinks like the F5 Loadbalancer, MySQL Performance Tuning and how to survive the black friday and the christmeas season, especially without any prepartion. 24/7 of course. After three years i had a lot of knowledge of the processes ,was a mentor for new colleagues and had a deep technical understanding of what our customer needs. So i became a Technical Manager. I took care of the customer related tickets and task, that all colleagues have the same knowledge, or at least they know where they find the information. My (imaginary) door and my ear was always open for any problems and i tried to solve them all. On my way i got the chance to visit a course of the ITL Foundation and i achieved in August 2017 the ITL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management . I got more and more responsibility (or did i look fo it) and i am a Team Lead now. My workday has now more meetings then before, but i try to get the best out of every meeting. No Agenda, decline. In October 2018 visit in the SGMI Management Institut St. Gallen and successfully attended the 4 day Seminar Leadership for High Potentials. I take care of my team of 5 highly skilled people, make them better every day, including requlary feedback meetings, development plans and my (imaginary) door is sitll open for every concern. My customer projects are not so big anymore, but i help my colleagues to solve the challanges we face every day together.

That is my Business Life so far.